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May 2 '12

Extra Credit #4

4.) Some people in composition studies argue that literature should be taught in writing classes like 1301 in order to give students something to write about. Do you agree or disagree? Why?

I think that literature does not necessarily have to included in classes like 1301.  Literature can be covered in many different ways and I think that does help a student in some ways.  I guess writing can go either way because I think it just depends on what is being taught and if it’s efficient to be part of the course.  I do agree that literature do focus a lot on many different topics that a student can relate to since we are given a way to look at a certain subject.  I think that like this writing 1301 it is not related to literature but then there are a lot of things that can be written about recreation and culture.  Like I said earlier it really depends on what is being taught and if it covers a curriculum.  Literature seems to me when I hear this term is to respond to a book that is being taught in class and to think beyond what the author is trying to say to the audience.  I think that recreation and many other subjects are able to do the same but just looked at differently.  With literature not being taught in courses like this is not exactly as bad because I think it is still able to provide the students necessary tools for their education.