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May 7 '12

Extra Credit #7

7.) Blogs are becoming an increasingly legitimate way to spread ideas, critique various things (books, culture, television), and break news. Find a blog about something you enjoy, read a few posts, and write a brief analysis. Who do you think is its audience? What makes you think that? What is the blogger’s “project” (TV criticism, breaking news, critiquing comics culture, sharing a weight loss or fitness story)? What makes you think that? Do you think the blogger is successful in that project?

I suppose I’m not really familiar with blogs but then after being introduced to Tumblr I enjoy checking out the nail art blog that it has.  I was never really into nails and polish but then it was after my mom who started to do her nails and now I just like playing with my nails.  I think that the audience for this particular kind of blog is definitely those who enjoy painting their nails and likes crazy ideas.  The pictures that they show are really creative ones and appeals to me a lot.  I have never really seen nails to be some sort of art but then this blog totally showed me another version of art that can be played with.  It shows how people who enjoy art, likes creativity and cares about their nails tend to do a lot with it and I think that because there’s so many pictures that have really cool designs.  The blogger’s project is nail art. There’s all sorts of tips on how to make it look just as nice and what inspires that kind of design.  The designs seem to be inspired by the artist’s daily events and that’s pretty cool.  it must be a really successful project because it’s appealing to most girls and it’s really some sort of modern art put in.

May 7 '12

Extra Credit #15

At first I wasn’t sure what the videos were intended to do because the idea of it wasn’t as clear in my mind.  But then how I interpret it and probably the point of this article is that writing can be incorporated into actions in video.  So I think it’s some sort of video story or show through a person’s individual life.  I think that it can be considered writing but I am not so sure myself. I suppose that the way they are showing it is more of just a movie clip.  It is kind of just like any typical movie and if you were to think about it movies use the same kind of process.  Movies are written out on paper and edited so I think that in this case this might not count as writing.  Then again movies are directed and staged in a certain way and these videos I am not sure of.  Thoughts are definitely part of writing but to put those thoughts into a video I don’t think is considered a definite writing.  I really like that he incorporates some sort of story in his videos and somewhat connecting that to writing.  I think that the idea that he has is pretty cool because I think he takes up issues that are involving the world.  Watching these videos I am not sure what kind of writing it is besides just making a video from the writing that a person writes about.  So I am not sure if there really is a way but then to use that in class it would be pretty interesting.

May 4 '12

Extra Credit #12

12.) Read this article from The New Yorker. Respond to what the article says about brainstorming and/or collaboration.

In this article from The New Yorker, I agree on the part where they mention brainstorming groups think of fewer ideas than those who work alone.  Like they said it is harder for a person to mention their idea to the group if they are afraid that it will be criticized.  Putting myself in that position in sharing ideas with a group I tend to think over my idea just to make sure it is significant, relates to what is being discussed and if it makes sense.  I also think that working together and brainstorming is a great idea in a way as well because there’s just a lot more creative thoughts when people are sharing ideas.  I also like how he described creativity as a delicate flower and being nipped by people’s discouragements.  Brainstorming to me is better, being able to combine with other brains because it gets me motivated because I can generate ideas.  I thought that the tests that they made students do was interesting and how brainstorming is becoming popular in so many companies and just about anywhere else. There is definitely a lot that comes out from brainstorming and collaborations because the bigger the better and the stronger an idea is.

May 4 '12

Extra Credit # 10

10.) What is the most interesting thing you’ve read this semester (in or out of this class) and why?

I think that the most interesting thing I have read so far this semester are the articles that my Creating Identity course assigned us to.  In this class we work a lot with identity and how creativity should be used more often but then it’s because our everyday things doesn’t include us to get creative.  One of them demonstrates about the mind of creativity.  The author from A Whack on the Side of The Head reaches out to those who may think that they aren’t creative enough. Also he explains to the audience how creativity works and that it is not just one way that works but many.  Basically it is how can you be more creative and what creative thinking is.  He talks about mental locks which I thought was really interesting because I never thought of my mind being like that.  In this reading he incorporates many morals and metaphors which I think he does a good job with.  I think that with this that he his trying to prove with creativity is the fact that we all need a whack on the side of the head to think problems over and to think something different.  I think that I am pretty creative person but then it is hard to get creative so there just needs to be that inspiring moment for me.

May 2 '12

Extra Credit #1

1.) I understand that there are many ways to participate. Write a 200 word post in which you explain what other ways, besides speaking up in class, that you participated in class. Essentially, make an argument for why I should raise your participation grade. Did you come to optional conferences? Email me questions? Attend the writing center? Ask friends to look over your work outside of the classroom?

I believe that there are also many different ways to participate outside of classroom as well.  Many times speaking up in class makes me nervous or intimidated because I am a person who is trying to open up more in classroom settings.  When I speak I tend to not know where to start and have trouble creating sentences that would make sense to the rest of my classmates.  But because I know that I want to try to get to know as many people as I can to be comfortable in class.  Sometimes that doesn’t exactly go as I want to but I know that I have options to participate if I know that I am having trouble in class.  Writing is not a very strong skill but I do try to improve as I go.  I have taken more time outside of class to finally seek help from friends to eventually going to the Writing Center in Appleby Hall.  I started to notice that since I usually spend my time in the computer lab there I should try going to the Writing Center because I know I am going to have struggles in writing certain kinds of papers.  The Writing Center has helped me a lot and I have found many things that I lack when writing so I try to improve on it.  Being the first time that I actually used the Writing Center I felt nervous having someone read my  paper in front of me but then again it really gave me more insight to what it is that the audience does or doesn’t understand especially when writing research.  Going to conferences also help get me started on what I should do to make my writing proficient.  Also emailing questions is usually what I do when I am stuck on something and can’t seem to understand what it is that I am trying to say.  

May 2 '12

Extra Credit #9

9.) What things would you change about how you approached this class? Consider changes in your writing habits, class attendance habits, class participation habits, etc. Why would you change those things? How do you think those changes might affect what you got out of this class?

I think that the way I approached this class was different when I took Writing 1201 class.  I think that I could have probably gave myself more time to brainstorm and write my papers.  Also I guess it’s really a lot about time and editing in my papers.  I think that the time to write out our papers are pretty short and things are due a day after and so if I had just given time.  College is where writing becomes a big issue for me anyway so I think that if I could take control of that writing process it would have helped me a lot more.  Those are some of my writing habits that I should be more aware of.  Also I think that the stuff we talk about and picking topics of our own is really nice and I like that.  So in some cases I think that if I participated more it would be something that I change.  I think that if I let myself be more comfortable it would have helped me get through this writing a lot better.  Writing is a subject that many people can be a little insecure about but then it depends on the person’s style of writing.  I think I got a lot of good understanding through this class because it’s different from other writing classes.

May 2 '12

Extra Credit #4

4.) Some people in composition studies argue that literature should be taught in writing classes like 1301 in order to give students something to write about. Do you agree or disagree? Why?

I think that literature does not necessarily have to included in classes like 1301.  Literature can be covered in many different ways and I think that does help a student in some ways.  I guess writing can go either way because I think it just depends on what is being taught and if it’s efficient to be part of the course.  I do agree that literature do focus a lot on many different topics that a student can relate to since we are given a way to look at a certain subject.  I think that like this writing 1301 it is not related to literature but then there are a lot of things that can be written about recreation and culture.  Like I said earlier it really depends on what is being taught and if it covers a curriculum.  Literature seems to me when I hear this term is to respond to a book that is being taught in class and to think beyond what the author is trying to say to the audience.  I think that recreation and many other subjects are able to do the same but just looked at differently.  With literature not being taught in courses like this is not exactly as bad because I think it is still able to provide the students necessary tools for their education.

May 2 '12

Extra Credit #5

5.) Considering the ways Facebook (and other social media outlets) has changed the way we socialize (much more written communication in social relationships), respond to this article on whether “Facebook Friends are Really your Friends.” 

I think that Facebook friends can be your friends but I do not totally agree to a certain point.  I think that you can certainly have a nice conversation with a friend on Facebook and maybe that might spark some kind of relationship but I don’t think all Facebook friends are friends you can have a daily conversation each day.  I say that because with a majority of my friends on Facebook I don’t talk to but then there are times when they do suddenly out of nowhere chat with me it makes me wonder.  So in that case there are some who want to get to know you a little better and have some sort of connection.  So I don’t know if Facebook friends can be entirely your friend, I guess it depends on how you define a friend.  I do know that I have people on Facebook who I don’t know and I guess it’s really just getting to know one another if you feel like it.  Facebook friends that I know well and have grown up knowing are considered friends to me even internet is the only way to communicate.  I also think by that it makes a person lonely because it does drive us away from reality.

Apr 19 '12

Reading response Hart-Davidson

I thought that this research was somewhat difficult to follow.  As all these were academic readings I found that time use dairies seem interesting and to know that some people even do researches on it is pretty neat.  I think that to continue a repeated daily study of the dairies is not as easy and there can be some errors in the data.  By collecting these time use dairies it shows that anything can be considered writing for everyday people.  They talk about composing process in this research and I was  not sure what that meant.  Maybe the idea of writing something to make a point across.

Apr 2 '12

You Save-American Red Cross

I think this commercial relates to the pathos in the rhetorical appeals.  It basically wants people to be aware of donating and feel kind of guilty towards doing the same thing everyday but then we can take the time to donate and help save.